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If elected, I will...

Decrease Congressional Pay and Install Term Limits

A Congressperson makes $174,000 a year. The average American makes $56,000. It is a disgrace that Congress is allowed to raise its own pay, but also that it is more than three times what constituents make. When Congress makes bad decisions, it isn’t the ones who made the decisions that feel the punch. If elected, I will only accept a salary of $56,000 a year and will sponsor a bill to immediately reduce the salary to reflect the national median income.

Further, the average congressperson serves four terms with some members serving as many as 20! Many even run unopposed and use their power/connections to scare off opponents at the expense of the democratic process. 

If elected, I will only serve a single two year term and will sponsor a bill to install the same limits on all congressional representatives. I promise to be accountable and transparent with you. 

Fight for Equality

As a Congressman, I will vote against any bill that tries to limit the rights of LGBT or minority individuals. Their personal decisions do not affect me or anyone else and the Federal Government should not take any action that discriminates against them. 

Further, while I am personally pro-life, I will not let my personal beliefs affect my views on the nature of governmental power.

We should not be legislating what one can do with their own bodies, who can use what bathroom, or what type of couple deserves the right to have all the benefits of marriage. It’s just plain wrong. 

Restore Privacy

Past administrations have used the undue power given to them by Congress to spy on us and our families, in our homes and online. 

This was and is an unconstitutional breach of the Constitution and the American people’s sacred rights. 

The 4th Amendment is clear: get a warrant. 

If elected, I will vote to limit the surveillance power of the CIA and the NSA.

 I will support initiatives that protect our privacy and make sure that such a breach of the  contract between a government and the governed can never happens again.


Protect Property Rights

Our homes are where we live, sleep, and protect our children. We wouldn’t want anybody to take them away from us. 

But, as of right now, the Federal Government has the power to confiscate our belongings through Civil Asset Forfeiture and the ridiculous power of Eminent Domain. 

Without our permission, and only under very weak suspicion, Federal Agents can confiscate our possessions and our livelihoods. Similarly, if our houses just happen to be in the way of some Federal Project, the land that they’re on can be virtually annexed with meager compensation being our only right. This goes against the idea of individual rights found in the Constitution. 

It’s illegal. 

In Congress, I will stand in support of Americans’ property rights, unashamed. I will vote for bills that aim to restore our property rights and support due process.

Support Justice for All

I believe in our redemptive power as a nation. 

I do not believe in mandatory minimums or strict sentences for people who simply make mistakes or commit non-violent drug offenses. These policies are misguided.

Real “Law and Order” means rehabilitating these people, not marginalizing them.

Instead of fostering a culture where non-violent criminals easily become violent, I want to make sure that we can give addicts the help they need. 

I will support bills that institute job-training and mental health programs in prisons.

 I will vote against anything that contributes to prison overcrowding or racial bias in our criminal justice system.

End the War on Terror

Over 8 years, the Iraq War cost $2.4 Trillion and 4,424 American lives. We are still involved in a never-ending War on Terror in Afghanistan and around the world that still costs us billions of dollars and thousands of lives. For no clear purpose. The US is in a worse strategic position in the Middle East and our trustworthiness has declined over the last two decades. 

The only way to fix this is if the United States stops being the World’s Policeman.

 Foreign nations do not want the United States getting involved in their affairs just as much I, or any American, would want someone going through my house or personal life. 

If elected, I will vote to decrease our bloated security spending ($618 billion for the Department of Defense alone) that only serves to increase deficits while making sure our troops get the care and supplies they need. Further, I will bring them home by closing down all of the 800 foreign bases the US operates around the world. 

As a Congressman, I will never vote to send your son or daughter into a foreign battlefield and will never vote for war unless the US is directly threatened or under attack. 

On the issues, I support...

Jobs and the Economy

-protecting the free market.

-fighting for free trade.

-working for small businesses.

Schools and Kids

-ending Common Core.

-limiting the power of bureaucrats.

-supporting effective charter schools.

-ending teacher tenure.

Ending the Opioid Crisis

-addressing the Opioid Crisis on a national level.

-bringing community-based drug awareness across the country. 

-providing adequate healthcare knowledge and resources to county and city law enforcement everywhere.

The 2nd Amendment

-supporting law-abiding gun owners.

-preserving Second Amendment rights from being infringed upon.

Maryland's Interests

-protecting Marylanders from Federal encroachments.

-maintaining the state of Maryland’s sovereignty on the Federal level. 

-making sure that the Chesapeake bay is protected.

Small Government

-cutting runaway spending.

-killing harmful regulations.

-privatizing Social Security, Medicare, and other entitlements.

-abolishing the Department of Education, Energy, and Commerce.